Talk Time – Chat your way through the Pandemic

It’s now two days after Labour Day and no one cares if we are wearing white pants or really, pants at all.  There is too much going on for us to even care about pants.  I am not sure what I was expecting, but I thought after Labour Day, things would feel different.  The mornings are cooler and the school buses are on the road but everything feels just as tentative and unsure as it did in the spring and summer.

As we face another season of limited entertainment and travel options, we have to make sure we stay connected and attached to our family, friends and community.  It’s not just good for your career.  It’s good for the rest of your life too.

I am lucky.  My husband and I worked together and then became friends, friends with benefits and then old married people.  We each have our own work space and we have lunch and snacks together most days.  And even though it works well, he will be the first to tell you that I need to interact with other people every day and I mean, EVERY day.

I have weekly video calls with people from my volunteer group, my family, my neighbours and former colleagues.   These conversations have proven to be essential for helping balance the stress and loneliness.  I go into each conversation with no expectations – just open and in the moment to hear what’s going on in people’s lives.  I am continuously surprised and inspired (a big thank you to those of you who hang out with me every week!).  I have a new found appreciation for the circles of the Venn Diagram that intersect in my Zoom room.

The other thing that has been satisfying (besides sour dough bread and smoking meat) has been participating in virtual services at a synagogue in Manhattan.  By participating, I mean singing along with the music and prayers at the top of my lungs.  Talk about satisfying!

I can’t say what will work for you but I can suggest that you start getting some conversations with new people going.  Call a friend.  If you are enjoying it, ask if they mind making it a recurring get together.  Send out Zoom invites that go until Christmas.   Ask if they think someone else should be included.

Get deliberate with your communications.  Waiting for random things to happen may not be enough to keep your energy up over the next few months of this Covid shit.

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