Spring Forward

It’s spring and my LinkedIn feed is full of people’s job change announcements. It is refreshing to see so many changes. It takes courage to change jobs during normal times so I thought perhaps people might be reticent to do it during a pandemic.

It just goes to show that we can figure out how do lots of things during challenging times. There are many people who have been successfully hired and onboarded over the last year.

They networked, heard about an opening, went through phone calls and Zoom interviews. They did case studies and presentations and aptitude tests on line. They lined up their references. They resigned on Team, had virtual going-away beers and promised to stay in touch.

Photo by Brett Sayles on Pexels.com

Modifications to the process? Yes. Does it continue? Of course it does.

If you are feeling blue or stuck or bored or lonely, take a look at a few jobs. Find some that look interesting. Find other people who do that work – do they seem like your people? If you met them at a virtual conference, would you have enough to talk about?

Take the next step.  Zhuzh up your resume and put it out there. Connect with new people on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram or Clubhouse. Talk about your interests and your challenges and listen to theirs. Spend time thinking about you learn. Carefully evaluate the opportunities that come your way (and they will). Are they better that what you have today? If not, that’s okay.

You may not end up with a new job but you will certainly end up with a fresh perspective on what you are doing today.

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