Questions for Today’s Interview

There are standard questions that I suggest for every job interview but in today’s work situation, there are some new ones that you might want to slot into your agenda.

Where is the work? This is on everyone’s mind right now. In the office or remote? Or some of each?  Be clear on what will work for you and your family.  Maybe working from home was the best thing ever. Maybe you miss the energy and free coffee of the office.

What changed in the group over the last 18 months?  The answer will give you insight into how your potential new team handled the changes brought on by the pandemic.   If the answer focuses on Zoom and Teams and little else, that probably means they have held their own but not seen any new growth or innovation.  If the answer includes faster paced product releases or better ties with their customers/other teams, then you are looking at a more dynamic group.

What has the turnover been?  This answer will tell you a lot.  Did they have lay offs at the beginning?  Have people left recently?  Was it team members or leaders?  You will get insight into how the organization treated their people at the beginning and how people are reacting today. 

Where is the organization investing for the future?  This allows the hiring team to demonstrate to you how connected they are to the bigger picture.  The details they provide will help you establish what they want to do over the next few years and whether it aligns with what you want to do.

Compensation.  Talking about compensation is not new but it is more important than ever.  What does the package consist of?  Is there a bonus plan?  Is it tied to personal achievements or team/organizational achievements?  Is the pay different if you are remote or onsite? Is the company offering a salary that is way above what you earn now? If so, try to figure out why. Are you signing up for 7×24 response rates or a 60 hour work week?

There are way too many questions here to ask in the typical interview. Pick the main ones that you want to ask and then keep the others in mind (or in your notes) to make sure that you the information you need to make a solid decision about moving forward with the role.

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