Feeling Cold and Grumpy? Take a Course

It’s November and the warm sunny days of Fall are gone.  No more hopping across the street for Starbucks.  Yesterday, I caught myself scrolling through Uber Eats to see exactly how much it would cost to have a vanilla latte delivered.  From across the street. 

Cold, grey days combined with too much work can be challenging on the attitude.  I find my tone becoming a little too crisp and my ability to procrastinate getting a little out of hand (which is why I had time to scroll on Uber Eats……)

When I start feeling like this, I call a friend or colleague to rant.  That feels good for a while but for a long-term solution, I sign up for a course.   

There are lots of options. Gone are the days when you had to rush to a course on some far-away campus two evenings a week.

There are lots of organizations that offer virtual courses where you login for a specific time with other students. There are also on-demand courses where you can login anytime you want and go at your own pace.

Coursera – courses from 200 leading universities
General Assembly – web development, data, digital marketing
LinkedIn Learning – business, technology and marketing

These are just a few of the places. They all have different price points and different platforms. Some offer free trials or demo events.

Take a look. Not only will taking a course freshen up your mind but it’s also the kind of development that shows at work. People notice when you are learning new stuff and you are excited about it. It shows. Sometimes people even think you are taller.

Let’s face it….at minus 30 degrees, we are not going out jogging. Let’s stay in and learn something.

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