Race Car Driver, Drone Pilot, Chocolatier

There has been so much press about the ‘Great Resignation”, it’s pretty hard not to daydream about what else you could be doing.  Maybe you’d like something completely different or maybe you just want something that is a better match with your values.

But what do you do about it?

It’s all well and good to explore a new career path if you already know what you want to do. I have read lots of articles about people who had a side gig before the pandemic and decided to turn it into their full-time gig – pie baking, candle making, dog walking, balloon animal sculptor. 

Photo by Polina Tankilevitch on Pexels.com

If you don’t have something specific in mind, it is pretty hard to make a plan that will drive the shift you are looking for and if you are working now, you know that time is at a premium.  Noodling on the net for hours without a plan will get you nowhere and be depressing to boot.

There are more than 407,000 jobs posted on LinkedIn.  That’s just in Canada alone. That does not count US jobs with remote work schedules.

LinkedIn Jobs has a pretty good search function so why not use it?  Write down 10 words that you want to explore. Set the timer for 10 minutes.  (this is important) . Pop the words into the search bar and see what comes up.  You can easily filter for location and onsite/remote.  Now, take a look at what you’ve got.

Is there anything worth exploring further?  Be ruthless about your decision-making.  You don’t have time to wander down the garden path with visions of driving a clown car.

If there is a gem in the list, take a screenshot and save it in your Career Development folder.  Go through all of your words and then evaluate what you have saved.  Anything still making the list?

Block time on your calendar to dig deeper into each one.  In the end, maybe you decide that what you have is pretty good or maybe you start a side gig.  The only way to know is to take the time to check,

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