Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

There is a lot of activity on the jobs front these days.  People are re-evaluating their priorities, their location, the industry and their leaders.  Some are looking for a dramatic change. Some are taking retirement earlier or later than planned.

These last two years have caused great upheaval and great opportunities.  Many roles can be done remotely with complete effectiveness.  I have clients who were resolutely against working from home and now they are bringing people back two days a week with flexibility depending on meetings and projects.  That’s a big change.

There are more than 425,000 jobs posted on LinkedIn right now.  That’s only in Canada.  There are 828,000 remote jobs posted in the US. 

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And then some jobs are not posted because they have not hit the mainstream yet.

I watched a video about a Flight Pet Nanny.  She gets hired to pick up a dog, cat or bunny, get them to the airport and fly with the pet to its ultimate destination.  Word of mouth has made her busier than ever. 

Staying on the pet theme, my nephew drives horses around.  He drove a truck, trailer and horse across the country. 

And the craft gig economy is really going strong.  Etsy had more than 90 million buyers last year.  It is can be glued, sewed or carved, you can find it on Esty.

The spike in home renovations means there is a high demand for Ikea furniture builders.  Speaking as someone who put together an Ikea bed last summer, I can appreciate the need for a pro. Maybe they could figure out where the extra pieces go.

The point is there is a ton of opportunity out there.  This is no time to be miserable at your job.  If you are not happy, carve out some time (and not just on Sunday night at 10 pm when you are particularly miserable) and start exploring.  Talk to friends, talk to your boss, get a coach.  Make a plan and take action.

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