Duelling Offers

Having two job offers at the same time can be really great for your confidence but really lousy on your nerves.  I have talked to many candidates who lay awake at night trying to decide what to do about something they never thought would happen.

It’s best to start with some kind of framework. You can lay out a pro and con list or you could also lay out your considerations and assign points to each choice.

Company – does the mission match your own?  Will you be proud to say you work there?

Manager – did you click right away?  Is it someone who be a good coach and mentor?  Or the kind who will leave you alone to do your job?

Team – do they seem like the sort who would have your back? Do you already have some things in common?

Office – yes, this is still a factor.  You may need to go to an office from time to time. What will that look like?  I had to go to my office this week. I forgot what it’s like to tack an hour of commmuting time to each end of the day. 

Compensation – are you comfortable with the package? Does it have short and long term growth opportunity? 

Once you assign points to each of these factors for each job, you will come out with a “winner”.  But that may not be the final decision.   You still have to consult your heart to see if it agrees.  Sometimes the risky role is still more appealing.

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