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You are not the same recruiter I met 10 years ago….

A good friend said this to me the other day.  I leaned back in my chair and thought back to when we met.  I was just learning the business as a recruiter and she was the all-knowing Accounting Manager.  We hit it off and she really helped shorten the learning curve about the way a recruiting back office works.

She has since left recruiting but we have stayed in touch.  It has been really valuable to have her ear and her perspective to keep things on an even keel for me.

After our conversation, her words stuck in my head for a while.  I really am different than when we met.  I feel more confident, more articulate and more knowledgeable.  I think I have earned the respect of my colleagues and clients.

I’m sure that I knew all this before but having her recognize it was incredibly valuable.  It gave me a renewed sense of confidence to tackle the impossible list of tasks that I had laid out for the day.

We can’t make these kinds of conversations happen but we can make sure we stay in touch with co-workers and friends, even if we are slammingly busy.  It does not take long to send an email note, linkedin comment or leave a “thinking of you” voice mail.  Murphy’s Law says that the reciprocal message will come on a day when you really need it.

So take a moment today to look up and around.  Get out of your inbox and into someone else’s.  You’ll be happy you did.

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Extreme Career Makeover

My company, Ian Martin Ltd is celebrating today.  It`s the first day of our new brand (code for the kind of wholesale change we see on Extreme Home Makeover) and we are having a party.

Watching the various changes in the works got me thinking about how a “career makeover” would look.  Think about when you get a haircut and everyone thinks you look younger or when you get glasses and everyone suddenly thinks you look smarter.

If you did a wholesale refresh on your resume today, how would it look?  Would you use more contemporary fonts?  Change the focus of your objective?  Maybe you could add some different achievements like the webinar you co-hosted last week or the big project that your team just completed.

Maybe you would sign up for that course you have had your eye on.  You could do one night a week, couldn’t you?

You could take a look at your Linkedin profile.  Does it really reflect who you are today and more importantly, where you want to be tomorrow?  Is the picture fresh?  Please tell me you are not using the photo of you and your ex…..that would be bad, really bad.

You can go ahead and make a haircut and brow renovation appointments.  You can visit Warby Parker and pick out some new glasses but you don’t have to go great expense for a career makeover.  Just give it some time and some thought.  That’s all it takes.

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New tools, new rules

Social media, social shmedia…’s everywhere.  And it’s a tremendous tool for job seekers and for hiring managers but as with any new tool, there are safety rules that need to be followed to prevent a career ending injury.

It’s okay to find someone on linkedin and to invite them to connect with you but give them a reason.  Don’t just send the canned invitation.  Personalize it with a note about why you want to connect.  Remember that popular people are inundated with invitations and may be selective.  Also remember that some people do not check linkedin often, so there may be quite a delay. 

It’s okay to argue about bedtime with your sixteen year old on facebook chat. (This is actually surprisingly effective)  It is definitely not okay to “friend” the hiring manager you just met so you can check out their weekend plans.

Use the level of formality as your guide.  A new relationship should start out pretty formally – like a first date.  An email and maybe a hand written note after the first conversation or meeting.  Once relations are established, then voice and emails are effective.  When the relationship has moved into the very familiar, (think: going steady) then the texting and facebooking can begin. 

Also, be mindful of the organization’s culture when you are deciding what kind of communication will get you to the next level.  Most engineering firms will squint and crinkle their noses if you try to connect by pinging them through facebook but at Zappos, the hugely successful online shoe retailer,  it’s absolutely the best way to connect.  If fact, their employees are encouraged to interact with customers and potential employees via facebook and twitter.  Different audience, different culture, different rules.

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