You are not the same recruiter I met 10 years ago….

A good friend said this to me the other day.  I leaned back in my chair and thought back to when we met.  I was just learning the business as a recruiter and she was the all-knowing Accounting Manager.  We hit it off and she really helped shorten the learning curve about the way a recruiting back office works.

She has since left recruiting but we have stayed in touch.  It has been really valuable to have her ear and her perspective to keep things on an even keel for me.

After our conversation, her words stuck in my head for a while.  I really am different than when we met.  I feel more confident, more articulate and more knowledgeable.  I think I have earned the respect of my colleagues and clients.

I’m sure that I knew all this before but having her recognize it was incredibly valuable.  It gave me a renewed sense of confidence to tackle the impossible list of tasks that I had laid out for the day.

We can’t make these kinds of conversations happen but we can make sure we stay in touch with co-workers and friends, even if we are slammingly busy.  It does not take long to send an email note, linkedin comment or leave a “thinking of you” voice mail.  Murphy’s Law says that the reciprocal message will come on a day when you really need it.

So take a moment today to look up and around.  Get out of your inbox and into someone else’s.  You’ll be happy you did.

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