Don’t brush it under the carpet – celebrate it!

The executive and marketing teams where I work have rolled out a new brand: new logo, new website, the whole nine yards.  Two weeks ago, they threw a big launch party to celebrate the new image and message.  As part of the swag bag, we got new business cards in fancy hand crafted boxes.

When I got back to the office and shook off the late night and the wine, I realized that the new cards featured not just the new logo and new colours, but a new title as well.

At first, I dismissed it.  I did not even give it a second thought.  But then I realized I was doing exactly what I tell people NOT to do:  downplaying a success.

Even though it felt like I was not doing anything different than before I got the new cards, clearly someone in my organization thought that it was time to recognize my growth and development, even in this small way.

When I think about my recruiting practice now, compared to two or three years ago, it is different.  It has grown and evolved and so have my skills and even my style (okay, this one is work in progress).

So other than walking a little taller with a bit more bounce in my step, what else should I do with this?

  1.  Add a new title and set of bullet points to my resume
  2. Change my linkedin profile
  3. Work it into a few conversations so that it feels more real

For most of us, work evolves.  It does not just change on a given Thursday so when something does change for the good, make the most of it because six months from now, it will all be a blur.  So if you see that I have not changed my linkedin profile, call me out – I deserve it!


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  1. Next step in the brand evolution: @recruiterscouch appears as a guest blogger on #imgconnects. 😉

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