The Best Resume EVER

My husband and I have taken to watching The Rosie Show in the evenings.  It seems to be the perfect compromise.  He likes daytime talk shows and I like late night stand-up comics.  Rosie O’Donnell stands in front of a microphone with a live audience and actually interacts with the crowd.  It is fresh and funny – a real kind of reality show.

Each day, Rosie’s staff pick an audience member to do the announcements and on Tuesday, they picked a woman named Hollee.  Rosie starts her monologue by introducing Hollee to the audience.  Then the banter begins:  where are you from?  Who did you come with? And then the kicker: what do you do for a living?

“Well”, says Hollee. “I actually just joined the ranks of the unemployed.”

Instead of a stunned silence, Rosie asks her what she used to do and how she is coping.  Hollee grins and says her friends have been really supportive and she thinks this will really turn out to be a blessing. On national TV in front of a live audience.  No rehearsal, no nothing.

In 20 seconds, she was able to project all kinds of great things about herself and her approach to life.  You have to believe that those qualities would be present in her work life too.  That her infectious smile and positive attitude would impact any team she was on and that her confidence and poise would allow her to deal well with all kinds of people.

Apparently, I was not the only one thinking that.  On the show yesterday, Rosie invited Hollee back to do the announcements again.  After all, Hollee’s schedule was pretty open.

The last announcement that Hollee was called on to read was (again, live taping and live studio audience) that she, Hollee, was going to be hired as the permanent announcer for The Rosie Show until the end of the year.  Her smile was so big, I thought her face was going to split open! You can see it here.

Sure, we all love happy-ever-after stories and sure, it was TV, not real life but it does prove that if you are willing to really put yourself out there, good stuff will happen.


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2 responses to “The Best Resume EVER

  1. Just watched the clip. How can you not cry?! Good on you Rosie!

  2. Hollee Chanel

    I hope this doesn’t sound as narcissistic as I think it sounds, but thank you for the great write-up! It is very encouraging to read this now, months later. I read just like it didn’t really happen to me (Lol!), but it was definitely something I needed to see at this moment in time. Thank you again and I wish you well.

    Hollee Chanel

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