The 3D Resume

According to Best Buy, 3D tvs are all the rage; the must-have of this holiday season.  But its not just tvs.  Nope.  Your resume should be in 3D too.

Think about it.  Is a flat piece of paper really going to do justice to your experience?  Will it really show off your accomplishments?

I am not advocating for the pop-up resume (although there might be something to that….) but platforms like linkedin give us an excellent framework for a building a resume with multiple touch points and connectors.

If your linkedin profile is complete, then it contains not just your experience but also links to where you have worked, some references, groups that you belong too and perhaps even some samples of your stuff or what you are reading.

You can use this as a model for the resume that you post online or email to someone.  Include links to current/former employers, volunteer organizations, professional associations, anything that makes your career jump off the page.

What other evidence is out in the web-o-sphere about you?  I would not include the pictures of you table dancing at your brother’s wedding but I would include a link to your twitter profile, the conferences you have attended, and of course, the address of your linked in profile.

All of these elements will help to illustrate that you are a really interesting person and that you know how to use technology to your advantage – all in all, a very attractive picture.

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