Time to shore up your CFB

Why is it that everyone wants to have lunch together now?  People I have not spoken with in months, suddenly have this burning need to have lunch this week.  Where will they be in the third week in January when I am in the depths of despair?  Can’t we have lunch then instead?

That’s what I was thinking earlier this week but then I decided to get constructive and use these social opportunities to shore up my CFB.  CFB stands for Core Fan Base.  You know who they are:  the people who cheer on all your moves, know what to say to validate your feelings and provide support and laughter when you just need to rant.

We all have them and this is the time to shore up that foundation.  So go ahead and have lunch.  Skype the friend who is working in Europe.  Have coffee with the former colleague who has provided even wiser counsel now that she is gone.  Reconnect with the fellow from your volunteer group.

Anything you can do to strengthen your CFB now will pay big dividends later.  It will be a great comfort in the dark days of January to know that you can reach out to a handful of people for support and a big fat grin.

Lunch today?  Bring it on!


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