Passion Smassion

It can be tough to see all the articles, blogs and webinars about unleashing the passion of your group/team/company.  Doesn’t it feel like we are all going as fast as we can?  Who has time for passion?  Does it feel like you can squeeze in another burst of energy that ignites passion in your colleagues?  Really?

Here is something to consider.  You know the thing you got about the lunch and learn?  Or the voicemail from the vendor asking if you want to attend a product launch?


Stop dismissing these opportunities out of hand.  Sure, you are busy but let’s face it; you’ve fit stuff in before.  I’m not saying that you should mess up your whole routine but would it kill you to be out of the office at a seminar for an hour?

You’ll be amazed at what a change in routine can do for your psyche.

  • It will become apparent that there is a whole world carrying on while you toil in your cubicle.
  • You will be with some new people who do interesting things.
  • These people might want to hear about what you do.  They might think you are pretty interesting too.

When these things converge, you go back to your office feeling pretty good about what you do.  And guess what?  Managers and colleagues sense that kind of energy.  Good things seem to happen when there is some new energy: New projects, new customers, even new job opportunities.

So let’s not get carried away with developing a process to inject passion into our lives.  Just say yes to getting out of your office once in a while.


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