Grin and Pour it

Prince William and Kate Middleton had their first outing today.  They blessed a new lifeboat and poured champagne on it.

Imagine the interview questions that Kate had to answer for her to get promoted from “Royal Girlfriend” to “Royal Fiancé”?

  • Have you ever been in a situation where your attire was scrutinized on the evening news?
  • How strong are your smile muscles?  Could you smile for an hour?  Two?  Could you do it even if William pissed you off in the car on the way over?
  • How do you deal with inlaws?  Have you ever had them before?  When they invite you to drop by for tea, do they mean it?
  • Would you describe your ideal pet as a horse, a corgi or a Doberman?
  • How important is your opinion?  Could you deal with being misquoted and having things taken out of context frequently?

When she got through all of this, there would still be references to be checked and I am sure that the security check goes back three generations.

I wish them all the best for a fairytale wedding in this cynical world.

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