Just call me Laura

The other day, I called my national wireless provider.  The nice lady in customer service asked me all the security questions: postal code, account number and first and last name.

And then she says “And may I call you Laura?”

Huh?  What else would she call me?  Princess?  She Who Must Be Obeyed? (This is a popular moniker at home).  Or perhaps Madame?  That has a nice, colourful ring to it.

I said that Laura would be fine but it really got me thinking.

Who would have expected that level of graciousness and respect on the frontlines of a wireless company that everyone loves to hate?

At my Tim Horton’s drive though, they now say “Welcome to Tim Hortons.  My name is Barb.  How can I help you?”  It’s certainly better than the muffled “Whadywant?” that we used to get.

Maybe this is a new movement.  Maybe the level of personal accountability and respect is going to increase in other places too.  Imagine if crankiness was gradually replaced with grins and crustiness was washed away by candor?

Other than Bart Simpson being out of a job, I can’t think of any downsides at all.  And yes, you can call me Laura.

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