Waxing Crescent

A good friend told me that the moon is waxing crescent this week.  I had never heard the expression before and was struck by how lovely it sounded.  It just rolled off my tongue in conversations this week. 

I did some research and learned that waxing crescent refers to one of the phases of the moon and it is sometimes called a young moon.  (This also sounds nice but not quite as lovely as waxing crescent.)  This phase happens when the Earth, the moon and the sun are pretty close to lined up in space.

Lots of people I have been speaking to lately have careers that are waxing crescent right now too.  Things are picking up and they are feeling a little more loved and little less nervous. 

Instead of keeping their heads down and averting their eyes, people are starting to look up and shake hands with people.

Maybe it’s not just the moon.  Maybe it’s the fact that spring is here and the green shoots that looked so fragile last week, look like they might actually make it to be tulips, daffodils and hyacinths.

We should all take advantage of this.  Whether you are working, want to be working or want to be working differently, take some time this week do some walking and thinking.  Sometimes this kind of brain work can be accomplished in a long shower but a) that’s another blog topic and b) you might as well get out in this new air while you can.

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