This election brings out a whole new kind of candidate

I was going to write about background checks and candidate vetting because it was in the election headlines last week but it got usurped by something way better.

It was my honour to moderate an all candidates meeting in the riding of Halton last Friday.  This was run as a breakfast meeting so it had a very different feel than typical all candidates’ events.  My volunteer group, CFUW Oakville, has been doing this for the last few elections.

We put together a committee (this time, headed up by the exceedingly competent Darla Campbell), find a venue with good coffee, sell tickets and invite the candidates.  Because it is an early morning start with a definite end, it has a very crisp feel.  There are time limits on both candidates’ answers and questions from the floor.  This means you can either use the time to slam your opponent or you can answer the question but you really can’t do both.

So the format sets it apart but what made this event different was that all four of the candidates at the head table were women.  Yep, all four. 

The whole thing had an air of decorum.  Even when the candidates did not agree, which happened often, the message with delivered with respect.  The audience, in return, was gracious and respectful of the candidates.

I think there was a genuine appreciation for these women are willing to put their lives on hold for six weeks to run a campaign and really put it all out there.  I know that I couldn’t do it but I sure am grateful that they are.

So to Pat Heroux, Connie Laurin-Bowie,  Lisa Raitt and Judi Remigio, you have my respect, admiration and thanks.

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