Umm, how do you spell that?

I was reading resumes the other day (that’s a shocker, isn’t it?) when I came across something that stopped me cold and left me shaking my head.

It was the resume of a pretty high level guy in a very serious, very technical industry and guess what his email address was?!

Are you kidding me?  Can you imagine a corporate recruiter or a hiring manager typing that into their email message asking to get together for an interview?  Really?

It’s all well and good to have a cutesy email address in high school or maybe even university but not when it’s time to look for a job.  The following are examples of addresses that will probably not lead you to the kind of opportunities that you are looking for.

  • bobdoesvegas@

I’m a pretty out of the box thinker but let’s face it, your email address is part of your identity and an important part of the impression you leave when someone glances at your resume.

Do you want to get called for a career opportunity or a dinner date?

If your alter ego (or your nightlife) really depends on a catchy addy, then maybe you could think about adopting a conventional email address for your day job.

Just make sure you keep them straight.  Hiring managers are easily confused and you would not want to run the risk of losing a job at Xerox because you confirmed your final interview time with your nakedmarketingcoordinator email address.

*of course, I have changed the email domain names to protect the not-so-innocent.


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2 responses to “Umm, how do you spell that?

  1. Dianne Colling

    Some very valuable advice to many out there! Also finished your celebrate it blog, an excellent piece of advice … but you still haven’t updated your bio!

  2. Katherine

    Husband had a response to an ad he placed. From a guy whose email was I kid you not. He wasn’t sure whether the guy was legit or not. Mr. Assman almost lost his chance to buy the item because of his email address.

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