Looking for the yuks…..

Job hunting is serious business but sometimes you just need to lighten things up a little.

Finding the lighter side has a similar effect to  going for a run.  Laughing releases a lot of the same endorphins that exercise does ( so does sex but let’s save that for a different day).

  • What is the funniest thing you have ever done at work?
  • If  you could have dinner with any sitcom character, who would it be? What would you talk about?
  • How would your dog describe you?

If these don’t generate some guffaws, try this job hunting mad lib.

Practice your interview techniques by asking someone for each of the required words without telling them the context.  Fill in the blanks and then read it out loud.  It’s probably funnier after a few glasses of wine but a latte would work too.

The other day I applied for a position as a _____(noun)_____.  It said I needed to have a certificate in ______(plural noun)_______ and ________  (plural noun) _______  but I thought I could get by with  my _________(noun) ___________.  I mean, really, how hard could it be?

The ____(occupation) ___________ called me in for an interview.  We talked about  _________ (verb)________.  Then she  asked if I could start in the next few  ________(unit of time)_______________.

They wanted to pay me ____(number )____    ______(plural noun)_____  an hour.  I said that I was so _________(feeling)________,  I would do it for free.

I start next _______  (day of the week)________.


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2 responses to “Looking for the yuks…..

  1. Cameron

    Great post Laura! I hope that candidates understand you are both joking and serious (keep the fill in the blanks for home folks!), but don’t hesitate to ask some questions (personal, but not too personal) of your interviewer to get a better sense of their disposition, personality and style.

    Delivered professionally, it also shows a lot about your disposition, personality and style. These are the types of details that help make you memorable and leave a lasting (positive) impression. Remember, you should enjoy your work… just not too much that the work doesn’t get done!

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