Facebook fame? No thanks.

Here’s a new word: microfame.  This is the term used when you make a sudden but bright splash in the digital world.  Like when you are featured as a Pampers Facebook video contest winner.  Or you publish a tweet that gets retweeted and retweeted.  Or it’s your birthday and you get messages from all of your 1500 Facebook friends and become a “trend”.

Pretty heady stuff.

But is this really the legacy you want?  When you google your name (and you should), is this they type of stuff you want people to see?

Imagine who will be searching for your presence on line.  Future employers?  Yes.  Potential  volunteer organizations?  Definitely.   Old friends?  Possibly.

Microfame is fun the same way a little Friday night red wine buzz is fun.  It’s nice while it lasts but it leaves you with a headache and a need for a nap.

Keep your eye on the long term stuff.  You might never be famous but you will have a pretty good shot at being satisfied and successful.

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  1. Dianne Colling

    Awesome advice Laura!

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