Break a Leg!

Last night I was invited to the Etobicoke School for the Arts Showcase.  It was put on by the musical theatre department.

You have to admire a school that has not just a music department but a musical theatre department.

Two things struck me as I drove home humming a mashup of Broadway tunes from the show.

It is amazing how much development happens between grade 9 and grade 12.  It’s staggering.  It’s not just height, muscles, and hips.  It’s poise, confidence and a general sense of control.

Let’s face it.  All the kids at the school have talent.  Most of them have exceptional talent.  The audition process is rigorous and very competitive.  It pretty much weeds out the hackers.

To see the senior students in their small ensemble numbers after four years of learning, training and growing was really amazing.

The other thing that stuck me was that they were all willing to leave it all on the stage.  They were completely in the moment.  They were, for that three minutes, the song.  There was nothing else.  Not the audience, not their parents, not their teachers.  That was inspiring.

I readily admit that I am not a teenager anymore, nor do I want to relive my teen aged years (at all!) but when was the last time that you went through a period of intense development?  When was the last time you did something with such focus and determination that you were totally spent at the end?  And then got up and did it again?

It’s inspiring to watch it.  It’s even better to live it.


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2 responses to “Break a Leg!

  1. @JMcCrin

    Thanks for this – I too have had the opportunity to witness (and experience) the all consuming focus, passion and joy found in the arts – The caliber of Canada’s arts students in phenomenal. Echoing your comments, everyone should take the time to see it with their own eyes – or better yet, find something they love and immerse themselves in it!

  2. You are very well written Laura. I enjoy your articles. Clean, concise and thought provoking as always. Keep them coming!

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