Sometimes you have to listen for the clues…..

So your Linkedin profile is up to date, you have connected with the guy you met yesterday and you have a networking appointment next week.

Now what?

Jump into itunes.  Open up the Store and type “career” into the search box.  Check out all of the career focused podcasts.  There are lots to choose from.  And they are free!  Imagine:  you can get career advice from Marcus Buckingham for free.          

Next, go to and do the same thing.  Type career into the search box.  Not all of the results will be directly helpful with your career.  Some will but some are about other people’s journeys to something unique and interesting.

Even if you don’t find a TED talk that is inspiring, funny or moving, you will certainly have new material to drop into your next conversation with a connection.

“Oh, yeah.  I just saw a TED talk about that very thing.  So and so has been doing research on…..”

Think of how brilliant and up to date you’ll sound.

Happy listening!

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