Your own personal career council

So you have decided that you need to change jobs or get a promotion but you need to brush up on things before you start to make a move.

You could hire an expensive consultant or audition to be on “Extreme Makeover” but why subject yourself to all that?

Go through your phone and think of the people you talk to the most.  What is it about them that draws you to them? Do they have a certain personal flair?  Maybe they tell great stories or perhaps they are really well known for always getting a deal.

Invite them all over one night for snacks and beverages and tell them that you are going to pitch a new idea and that you want them to observe and give you suggestions on what you could do differently.  This is kind of like getting together for a book club meeting or poker night but without the books and the cards.

You could even ask the people you are inviting to provide you with topics you could present.

Prepare for the evening as you would for a really important meeting.  Shower, shave and smell good.

Give your “committee” paper and pens so that they can write down their ideas as you do your presentation.

When you are done, sit back and listen.  Sip your beverage. Take notes.  Absorb.  Think about the suggestions and how you can incorporate them into you current work/role/job.

This is a very solid first step to getting yourself ready for that next move, whatever it may be.

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