The human element is here to stay

Here’s a thought:  is e-harmony going to put me out of a job?

I heard Len Brody speak last week. He was fantastic.  He says he is not a futurist but he spends a lot of time talking about the future.  He quoted a study that said that by 2014, half of all marriages will be relationships that started online.

The algorithms that run behind the scenes at online dating sites are so sophisticated that they do a better job of setting up matches than your aunt, your mother or even you. 

Does that mean that creating good employment relationships could become the domain of monster or Workopolis?  Instead of uploading your resume or writing a cover letter, you will just fill in a serious of questionnaires with check boxes.  Employers will fill in a similar list of questions and voila!  Possible matches will be available for review.

Sounds simple, right?

Maybe but not really possible.  Nope, the human element is not going to be removed from the recruiting process anytime soon.

My sister says human review beats design rules every time.  She says that the human mind will always be able see flaws or consequences that were not anticipated in the design.  Human review in the hiring process allows us to identify candidates who bring non-traditional but potentially effective skills to a role.

The other key part that the recruiting industry plays in the process is to make introductions to people who are not necessarily looking for a date.  People who are heads down working or just plain entrenched.  We also get out into the market to talk about companies that are doing interesting things but are flying just under the radar.

If there was a drop-dead gorgeous opportunity just around the corner, would you want to hear about it directly or wait until you logged on to your e-hiring site and hope that you checked off all the right boxes?


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2 responses to “The human element is here to stay

  1. I love this. While social networks seem to be taking over our world, it’s nice to know that there are still people out there who are trying to make a difference by doing things the old fashioned way – research and face-to-face relationship building. Sometimes you find the best gems hiding where you would least expect to find them. And it could even be someone who would not necessarily check all the right boxes on their e-hiring website.

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