Seriously? Bikinis at the Olympics?

I am sure I am not alone when I say that I have been nearly consumed by the Olympics. Not only have I been dominating the TV at home but my colleague has a live feed on his desktop that has helped to feed my habit as well (which might explain why my post is late this week).

I am in total admiration of the athletes who have had a singular focus for the years leading up to this point. I feel like my fingers are in so many different pies that that kind of focus is just unimaginable.

But my admiration for all things Olympic has been tarnished by the uniforms of the female athletes. Why exactly do beach volleyball players, hurdlers and sprinters need to wear bikinis?

I am not a scientist but I don’t think it serves to improve their aerodynamics. Possibly seeing rock hard abs is intimidating to their opponents?

I am in awe of the US beach volleyball team made up of two middle aged mothers who won gold not once, but three times. Three!  Who is going to explain to their children why they are practically naked on the front page of newspapers in North America this morning?

Are men going to pare down their uniforms for the games in Rio?  Perhaps they can take a page from history and just wear a loin cloth. That might restore the balance a little bit.

What are you wearing to work today?

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