Make it useful: park your resume in the cloud

Guess what?  Summer is almost over.  Soon it will be Labour Day and then life will return to its regular rapid fire pace.  You know: when you realize you are already behind and its only 9:15 in the morning.

So rather than waiting until midnight on Labour Day Monday to list your September career resolutions, start now.

Find the last known version of your resume.  Maybe it is on a memory stick or on your home computer.  When you find it, put it somewhere that you can access anywhere.  You can put it in the documents section of Gmail or Hotmail if you use either of those mail programs.

You can also use a very cool thing called Dropbox.  It gives you a virtual vault to store files or pictures and it is free.  You can access your stuff by going to or you can download a little app to any PC that you use and Dropbox becomes one of the options listed in your “save as” list where you save files.

The point is to have your resume easily accessible.  This will allow you to keep reviewing it and adding things to it.

This also eliminates the situation where a recruiter calls you about an opportunity and the conversation ends with you declining to pursue it because your resume is not up to date and you don’t have time to find it, let alone update it.

Once that is no longer an obstacle, you can actually take a few moments over the next week or two to tweak it so that it represents who you are today.

So, put aside the romance novels and the Julia Child reruns and get to it.

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