Job Research 101

I was standing around eating popcorn with my colleagues this week and I started dreaming up with all kinds of new flavors. They were convinced that I was quite a genius and that perhaps I should explore this as a career opportunity.

I figured that it was worthy of some research. Could I really be a Flavour Designer?  It sounded pretty intriguing. popcorn

So I started on to see if I could find postings with this title. No go.  Then I went to thinking it might more of an American thing.

Bingo!  There were some really interesting posting for Flavorists which turns out to be the same thing. Imagine developing new flavors for Pepsi or Frito Lay or even Kernels.

I was then able to go back to the Canadian sites with this title and find similar postings. Things were looking good.

The next step was to go to to find people who are Flavorists now to see where they work and what they do every day. I was even able to piece together a pretty good looking career path.

This was pretty heady stuff. I was doodling all kinds of new flavors- caramel bacon popcorn, blueberry balsamic salad dressing, bourbon pistachio ice cream….. Then I found the first obstacle: a Bachelor science in Chemistry was listed in the education part of almost all of the profiles. I went back and checked the postings I liked. 

Yep.  It was there too.

Next stop:  Night school!

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  1. Dianne

    hilarious and perfect! I should maybe give iguana walker a little more thought! Sure miss you around here!

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