Interview Prep Tips

We have heard a lot about interviewing at Google and the sorts of bizarre questions hiring managers there ask.  “If you were an animal, what would you be?”  “What shall we have for dinner?”

Lots of people can probably remember going through a three or four stage interview process.  Sometimes this seems extreme but it’s usually rational in that allows the company and the candidate to go on several “dates” to really get to know each other.

Here are some really extreme interview processes.

Tafelmusik, the wonderful baroque orchestra here in Toronto is going to replace their current their current musical director.  Jean Lamon is going to step down after 33 years and an Order of Canada citation.  A search committee has been formed and they will have whittled the candidates down to a short list by the fall when the concert season begins.

Get this:  one of the interviews is with the audience.  Each short listed candidate will have to lead the orchestra in a full concert, rehearsals and all.  Talk about a panel interview!  Not just the entire orchestra but the whole audient as well!

I’m not sure if this is really what happens at Ikea but it looks about right.



If you want to work at an Apple store, you get invited to a group interview for the first stage.  This seems a bit like dance tryouts to me but I guess it allows the store manager to review candidates more efficiently.

Perhaps, most intense of all is the interview process to become an elected official.  That  involves weeks and weeks of speeches, debates, public and media scrutiny and ultimately being  liked by more of the voters than your competitors.

The lesson here is to be prepared.  Understand as much about the process as possible.  Ask the hiring manager, the recruiter and check out places like Glassdoor for more information.

Good preparation will help you show up with strength and confidence.

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