LinkedIn Steps up its Offering for Job Seekers

Keeping your eye on the job market is tough.  It really only occurs to you on Sunday night when you are dreading work on Monday and let’s face it – that is not the best time.

The more we can automate the tedious searching and sifting though job postings, the better we will be.

LinkedIn already have developed at pretty good active job search site.  You can click on the Jobs tab in LinkedIn and search through hundreds of postings.  Shorten the path by the clicking on the advanced tab.  This allows you to filter by location, industry and a bunch of other factors.linkedin button

This week, LinkedIn introduced their new and improved iPhone app for job searching.  It uses the location service along with your keywords to give you a list of local postings to scroll through.  When you see something you like, you can apply with your profile in just a few taps.

You can set up alerts and favourites pretty easily too.

The folks at LinkedIn point out that this all happens privately.  Your LinkedIn network is not notified that you are doing this.  I should think that would be pretty obvious but I guess it’s worth knowing.

One caveat:  this means your LinkedIn profile has to be ready to serve as your application.  You cannot just have a company and a title.  There has to be some meat and potatoes in your jobs.  Your education has to be clear.  Awards, sports, hobbies, projects – all of that needs to be in your profile and spelling mistake free.

Tap, scroll and apply away!

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