Supporting Outplaced Collegues

There is nothing like the pain of a lunchtime bikini wax to really bring things into perspective.

I stopped thinking about why some hairs grow faster than others and started thinking about important things like keeping in touch with people who are leaving my everyday work life.

My company has had some layoffs over the last two weeks and I have found it to be a very intense experience.  Finding out that your friends and sponsors no longer have a place in the organization is pretty tough.  But it took a blinding flash of pain for me to realize that its not about me.  I still have a job.  They need my support in a different way than before and I need to figure out how to provide it.

I need to make sure that I reach out regularly.  I know that my tendency is to get wrapped up in my everyday projects.  I guess I should put some notes in my calendar, just to make sure they stay on my radar.

I imagine they will go through alternating waves of happiness that they have some time to enjoy the summer and anger and grief that they lost their job.

It will be important for me to be supportive no matter which way they are feeling.

Also, I will need to keep my eyes open for networking and referral opportunities for them.  That’s probably one of the best things I can do.  I can invite them to industry events and professional meetings. After all, we had fun when we worked together.  Why would it be any different now?

I guess I better book at spa appointment for next month.  In case I need another reminder…..

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