Any questions? What to do at the end of the Interview

Picture yourself at an interview.  It has gone really well. The conversation has flowed nicely and you really like the hiring managers.  The interview has given you a really good understanding of the role and the company.

And then it happens.

They ask if you have any questions and you draw a complete blank.

All of your questions about the job and the compensation have been answered.  You panic.  What’s left to discuss?

Here are some suggestions:

  • What are the challenges facing this group over the next year?
  • What have you liked about working here?
  • Who are the strongest competitors?
  • Is this a powerpoint organization or a spreadsheet organization?
  • Who do you think is the most successful person in this company?
  • Do people here still believe in the founding principles?

You don’t have to ask these questions specifically but they will get you thinking.  You only need a couple to make an impact.  It’s a simple way to demonstrate that you are thinking ahead and not just concerned about the role up for grabs today.

But they are not just symbolic.  You might actually learn something new that did not come out in the earlier part of the interview.

You might get a good gem to use in, say, the thank you note that you send later that day.

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