Networking + Summer = Opportunity

Everyone knows that Christmas is one of the best times to network.  All those parties and mixers.  You never who you will be passing the nuts to or line dancing with

Let me tell you that summer is just as good.  There are so many different activities that mix people up and get them off schedule, it’s bound to present some pretty good opportunities to talk with people you don’t know and find out what’s really going on either in your current organization or your future organization

  • Golf
  • Charity Rides/Runs
  • Picnics and other social outings
  • Long weekend potlucks
  • Resort Vacations
  • Long lunches outside

If you see an email about joining in on one of these activities, go for it.  Dust off the clubs, bake a cake, whatever is required. The key to uncovering new and cool things is to be with different people. That’s where the real learning happens.

When you go to the event, try to put your shy self away. Listen and observe but make sure you throw in a few points here and there.  It’s like going to a meeting.  You want to be mentioned at least once in the minutes.

If you meet someone or stumble across new information that you want to learn more about, don’t fawn all over the source or dominate the conversation.  You can follow up after with a note or a call.

Lastly, make sure you thank whoever invited you.  Let them know you found it beneficial and that you appreciated them thinking about you. Things like that ensure you will be included and invited into more circles.

So dust off your grin and get out there!

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