It’s Just as Hard at the Top

Barack Obama is on a job search.  What does one do after one has been the leader of the free world?  

It’s not as easy as you might think.  Sure, he has a vast network of international politicians and dignitaries but what do they know about finding a job?

  • Let’s loook at his recent experience:
  • Delivering earnest speeches
  • Consoler in Chief
  • Negotiating everything from multi latereral trade deals to agricultural deals
  • Wearing only white shirts and blue suits

After eight years of this, what is he ready to do next?  Of course, he will start a foundation and write him memoirs but really, then what?  He is a young guy with a long future ahead of him.  

I guess he could go back to being a law professor.  Students would line up forever to hear him give lectures.  While I am sure that would be gratifying, I don’t think it would compete with his former life.  

And would a University Dean would hire him?  Can’t you just imagine the questions?

“You seem a little experienced for this role…..why are you interested in it?”

“I see that you have travelled extensively.  This role has no opportunity for travel.  Won’t you get bored?”

He would face the same wierd questions we all do.  Employers are nervous whether you are a former President of the United States or a former president of the Star Trek Fan Club.

The key for him and for you is to learn to tell your stories and explain your experience with confidence and clarity.  

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