Job Journey: The Post Interview Thank You Note

Until recently, I was a strong advocate for sending a hand written note to the hiring manager after an interview.  I have come to appreciate that an email will do just fine. Emails are easier, quicker and you don’t have to worry about terrible hand writing.

Thank you notes help to cement your qualities of professionalism and the ability to follow up.  These are two characteristics are important for pretty much every job and the more you can bolster the positive impression you made during the interview, the better.

Your note should thank the person for their time and recall one or two points that were raised during the conversation.  The last bit should confirm your interest in the role and the company.

Ideally, you want to send the note the day after the meeting.  You don’t want to do it the moment you leave.  When you send it the day after, it shows that you have taken time to reflect and that you are organized enough to fit it into your busy day.

If you did not get a business card during the conversation and you do not have the contact information for the hiring manager, then send your note to whoever set up the meeting and ask them to forward it.

Thank you notes are an easy way to score points in the interview process.  Make them part of your post-interview follow up.


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