Job Journey: Skype Interview Tips

Skype interviews are becoming more and more common. I find myself using them more and more. They are not the same as meeting someone in person but they allow me to experience how the person presents, their energy and hand gestures – basically everything except their sweaty palms.

Preparing for a Skype interview is pretty similar to a face to face interview. You still have to read up on the company and the role. You still have to practice talking about your experience.

And you still need to get a haircut. Just because the conversation is on Skype rather than in person does not make it casual in any way. You need to be just as professional as you would if you were going to a hiring manager’s office.

Before the conversation starts, decide where you are going to take the call. I get really nauseous if I have to watch as you move your phone all around  while you find a good spot to prop your phone or iPad.

Also, before the call, reverse the camera so you can see what the interviewer is going to see. Check for laundry, lingerie, questionable magazines, travel souvenirs or any other distractions. Put the cat in another room. You want to make sure that the interviewer is paying attention only to you.

During the call, if you are going to take notes (which is fine) tell the interviewer.  It is awkward if you keep looking down and they don’t know why.

Also, try to remember to look up periodically. The temptation is to look only at their image at the bottom of your screen. When you focus on the top frame of your screen, it feels more like you are making eye contact.

Make a couple of practice calls with friends to get ready. Pull up a chair and get comfy, because Skpe is here to stay.

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