Hiring Handbook: What Candidates Want

People keep saying the job market is tight.  What they mean is that there are a lot of interesting jobs out there for people who want them.

I see this change in two ways.  The first is that almost all of the candidates I am working with on searches are employed.  They are not necessarily unhappy but they are open to hearing about roles that might different or better in some way.

The second thing that has changed is that people who are unhappy and actively looking at new roles usually have two or three solid (ie real)  opportunities on the go and will likely be presented with one or two job offers within a matter of weeks.

This does not mean we need to panic about hustling people through the interview process or start throwing around giant bonuses.  Those are not solutions. They are band aids at best.  

The main thing people are looking for is satisfying work with people they like.  They want the chance to learn, grow, develop and be appreciated.

Look around your place and your team.  Are you offering that?

When you meet new candidates are you able to talk about those qualities and how important they are to your organization?

Can you name three people on your team who have earned promotions or moved into lateral roles to get different bits of experience?

It is common for candidates to ask about this in an interview.  Along with compensation, they want to know what the future might hold.  They are not looking for a guaranteed path to the corner office (which is good, because those don’t really exist anymore….).

They are looking for shiny experiences that they can share with their friends and be proud of what they do.

If you don’t offer that, maybe it is time to start rewriting your playbook.

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