Recruiter’s Couch Turns 500!

My first entry on this site was October 9, 2009. The world had gone to hell in a handbasket and lots of people were looking for new work having been unceremoniously dumped because of the credit crisis.

Here we are, years later and, I am sad to say, many people are looking for new work for a whole host of other reasons. Pandemic, politics, trade wars, the economy – they all play a role in the nature and availability of work.

This is the 500th entry for Recruiter’s Couch. I am sure I never would have imagined writing that sentence when I started this blog. I just knew that people were craving the straight goods on recruitment and career strategies.

I am grateful for the people who have been reading since the early days (thanks Mom!) and the people who found it more recently and for my colleagues who give me a thumbs up on Zoom when something is funny and for the people who point it out when I make spelling or grammatical errors (thanks Linda!).

Careers need active management when you have a job and when you need a job. There is a ton of information out there and I am happy to play a small part in helping people find the opportunity to do their best work.

I’ll keep writing. Thanks for reading.

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