Getting Ready to Beat the Winter Blahs

I will be the first person to tell you that I love working from home. It’s not just the commute that makes a difference. I get to control the office temperature (which is really important as a woman of my age). I can work in different areas of my house to add some variety.

But even with all these advantages, I have begun to think about the cold weather that’s coming and what I will do the fend off the monotony of being in the same place all the time as well as the risk of fat-ass-syndrome.

Finding time to exercise was challenging when I went to the office every day but I knew that I could count on getting in some fast steps to and from the train station.

Now, no matter fast I leave my office, it is still only two flights down to the kitchen. With early morning meetings and evening interviews, going to the gym is not likely (if it’s even open)

Here is my winter strategy for moving and fresh air.

I got a little trampoline that leans against the wall of my office. I jump for 3 or 4 minutes when I am waiting for a call to start (or on mute during a less than interesting webinar)

My google home tells me when it’s 10am, 2pm and 4:45 and reminds me to move around and get a glass of water.

When I get lunch, I try to make sure I step outside on the porch or balcony and take a few deep breaths. I have even been known to open the window in my office and press my face against the screen for a few gulps of fresh air.

When I have more than a few minutes, I cue up a walk on YouTube. I just discovered these videos. You can walk in place or use a treadmill if you have one. Yesterday, I walked on the beach in Maui for 15 minutes. I put the ceiling fan high speed on to make it seem more real.

None of these are substitutes for getting together to do fun stuff with your friends but I think they will go far to helping to get thought the cold, dark parts of winter.

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