Move the Carrot just a little Closer

I have been working on our family budget this week.  Ugh.  It is way more daunting than a resume.

Yesterday, I got so fed up with the process that I took a completely lateral move and figured that I could just make more money.  Then I would not need a budget at all.  It would totally free up the long weekend.

Now, any economist (or fan of Till Debt Do Us Part) will tell you that how much money you make has nothing to do with the act of budgeting.  But as a recruiter, I will tell you that thinking about how to make more money is definitely a positive action.

So how do you make more money?

Just working harder in your current role is not enough.  Unless you are working on commission and slacking off every day.  If that’s the case, then get off the couch and go to work.

For most of us, it’s a little more complicated.

Does your current role have room to make more?  Is there a bonus based on some personal achievements?  Could you focus specifically on those for a while to get some payoff?

If there is no opportunity for a greater financial reward, is there a career move within the organization that pays more?  Could you leverage what you know and do in your current situation for some gains?

Sometimes, you have to leave to be able increase your value.  It’s sad but sometimes it takes a new group of people to look at your skills and experience to really appreciate what you bring to the table.  This is especially true if you have been with a company for a long time.  They see you as you were when you joined, not necessarily as you are today.

So open your eyes and take a look around to see what you can do to improve your lot.  And when you figure it out, make sure you stick to the budget so you can really make it mean something.


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2 responses to “Move the Carrot just a little Closer

  1. I enjoy reading your posts every week without fail. This is the only blog I can say that for!
    Thank you for your laconic writing.

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