Let’s start a LinkedIn high five

Let’s start a movement. Let’s make tomorrow, Friday September 7th, an official LinkedIn recommendation day.

Today, when you are in those mind wandering moments that we all have, think about someone you would refer. 

  • Perhaps a former colleague or manager
  • Someone who provided great service like a vendor or a realtor
  • A fellow volunteer

To make a recommendation, go to your contact list, find the person and click recommend beside their name.  Choose the relationship that you have/had and then go crazy.  Remember that this will be seen by the world.  This is not Facebook.  Drunkface comments are not welcome.   Be clear about how you know the person, what they did and how well they did it.

Think how great it will be when they open their inbox to find an out of the blue recommendation. That will surely make their day. It’s like sending a thank you card without the hassle of the envelope or stamp.

Of course we make recommendations for altruistic reasons but imagine if you are one of the recipients. Remember, it is a bit of a traditional that one recommendation deserves another.

So give it some thought and mark your calendar. Let’s start a wave in the big LinkedIn stadium.

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