Gifts for the Job Seeker

It’s that time of year…..when you try to find thoughtful gifts that don’t break the bank. But what to do for the folks you know who are in transition?  The holidays are a tough time for them and there are many ways to show you are thinking of them that are both thoughtful and constructive.

 Top ten gift for job seekers:

  • Resume editing gift certificate – everyone’s resume needs a brush up
  • Lunch date – either with you or better yet, with you and someone who might be a good connector for the job seeker
  • Introduction – to a key hiring manager
  • Invitation to a members only networking event???????????????????????????????????????????
  • Free haircut or manicure – by a professional – no DIY here
  • New shirt – interviews always feel better in new clothes
  • Mixed tape of power songs – or today’s equivalent from iTunes
  • Lunch box – for their first day
  • Coffee gift cards – a free coffee is always a treat

There you have it. Be a pal and have some cheer- help someone find a job next year. 

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